Southeast summer splash

Dates: June 1-2, 2024

Cost: 12u-17u  $400 per team

Location: Foley Event Center
1001 East Pride Blvd
Foley, AL 36535


Registration by Email Only - please contact if you have a team who would like to participate.

General Information

Guarantee of 5-6 matches over 2 days- round robin style.  The purpose of the event is to get teams solid competition to prepare for end of season,  post season tournaments (USAV Nationals and AAU Nationals)

  1. $10 for 1 day pass 
  2. Please bring exact cash if possible
  3. No credit cards; no ATM on site

No food tables or outside chairs allowed inside the venue.  Outside food may be consumed in the mezzanine areas, or outside the facility, but not on the gym floor.


All players and coaches must have an AAU OR JVA membership number on official roster. JVA is no longer allowing USAV membership. 

  1. Will be in AES
  2. Coaches and spectators should check back to AES for any schedule changes- we will NOT notify you unless it is Friday after 3:00pm
  3. Spectators should be aware that if you cancel your room, and the schedule changes, it will be difficult to get the room back as Foley Hotels are very full due to a soccer tournament in town.
  1. All coaches will check-in before starting pool play with a signed roster, and an accommodation form
  2. Coaches can also sign the roster we have printed from  AES or that have been emailed
  3. ACCOMMODATION GOOGLE FORM Foley Event Center requires hosts to get hotel data.  Coaches please fill out this accommodation form using the Google Form.  Coaches may fill it out before arriving, but please make sure you know which hotels are being utilized as well as how many nights for each hotel before filling out the form. One per team please.
  1. Please make sure all coaches and parents know this is not a conventional tournament. All teams are playing a set number of matches over the 2 days.
  2. All matches will be played 2 out of 3 sets and the 3rd set will be 15 points. 
  3. No tournament awards will be given
  1. $10 a 1 day 
  2. Please bring exact cash if possible
  3. No credit cards; no ATM on site
  1. Food and drink (non water) may be consumed outside the facility or in the upper mezzanines- NOT ON THE COMPETITION FLOOR- If you choose to eat in the mezzanine, please clean up your own trash. 
  2. Food tables are not allowed set up outside or inside the facility.
  3. No red drink is allowed inside facility at any time.
  4. We will have a monitor stationed at the floor to not allow food onto the court as well as court monitors to help enforce the policy.  Please help us by not trying to sneak food onto the floor. 
  5. Please help us keep the facility clean.
  6. No outside chairs are allowed in the facility.
  7. Please take a seat around the court where your daughter is playing. Please do not take a seat if your daughter is officiating. 
  8. Dogs are not allowed inside the facility unless it is a service dog.  A service dog is specially trained to perform a specific task for people with disabilities. 
  9. No smoking or vaping is allowed inside the facility. 
  10. Parking on concrete only- do not park in the grass. 
  1. We allow player R2 in 12U-17U. (Coaches should be assisting 12U-14U players in R2 duties and mentoring them throughout the match)
  2. 1 Coach in all divisions 12U-17U MUST be at the scorers table to assist R2 and scoresheet if players are handling all officiating duties.
  3. LAV Teams will covering pools of 6 and 1 pool of 7 officiating duties. Please read schedule carefully.