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Laura Johnson, our in-house LAV Recruiting Coordinator,  guides our LAV players through the athlete-driven process of finding the right fit to play collegiate volleyball and connects with coaches to get LAV athletes recruited at all levels.  LAV strives to equip our athletes with information to compete in collegiate volleyball, but also inform them about what to expect when becoming a collegiate student-athlete. We are committed to helping all our student athletes across all  collegiate divisions (NCAA/NAIA/NJCAA/CCCAA)

Laura helps the student athletes by teaching them to take on the active role in the recruiting process.   She helps inform the player and the family about the recruiting process each step of the way. Her organization, thoroughness, and interpersonal skills make her the perfect fit for this role.

In 2023, all players from 18 National Black who wanted to play collegiate volleyball were able to do so (from schools like Queen's University, South Alabama, Blue Mountain, Pensacola State, University of Mobile, Huntingdon College).

Additionally,  she also helped guide multiple underclassman in the process for future collegiate commitments (University of New Orleans, Tulane and Auburn University). This will be here fourth year in this role, and our club has seen tremendous growth in our athlete connections with collegiate volleyball programs under her direction.



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All players in LAV Teams (High School Ages)  receive a PREMIUM SPORTSRECRUITS ACCOUNT.  Once you have completed your initial Recruiting Questionnaire from Coach Johnson, you will be added to the LAV SportsRecruits network of athletes and receive an email to create your profile.


SportsRecruits empowers athletes to pursue their dreams by providing them with online tools to handle every part of the college recruiting process. They have every DI, DII, and DIII college coach as a registered user, along with many NAIA and Junior Colleges. With over 100,000 members and founded by and staffed by former college athletes, SportsRecruits provides guidance when it comes to the college recruiting process. It also allows athletes to load their film and create highlight reels seamlessly.

SportsRecruits is the most useful recruiting resource site out there for student-athletes.  It also allows the  LAV Recruiting Coordinator and Staff the ability to keep tabs on where players are in the recruiting process!