Lower Alabama Volleyball Club was formed in 2014 to help promote the game of volleyball in the Gulf Coast Region. Our goal is to create confident, well rounded young adults through the sport of volleyball. LAV does this by achieving a high level of organization and holding all administrators, coaches and athletes accountable. By doing this, our athletes are able to excel in their future experiences.


Grassroots - Serve(1). LAV. Lower Alabama Volleyball.

Our athletes will learn the skills necessary to play the game of volleyball.  Our LAV gym focuses on quality instruction, repetition, and reinforcement.


15NB - Patel Defense

Our athletes strive for more in their own volleyball skills, and as a team. Regardless of the level, we use the game of volleyball to help our athletes contest what they have previously done.


LAV. Lower Alabama Volleyball. LAV Invitational. Valentine Classic. Spring Fling.

Our athletes want to achieve.  We help them set personal and team goals, and we work alongside them throughout the season toward their desired results.